New mast! Today, 2/24/02, we got a new mast on my roof. The roof in question is located at Node 124.

The parts:

Tripod mast for 1 1/4" masts: RS PN: 15-517
5' galv. pipe, 3/4"
Some directional yagi, which I don't have the part number handy. I think it's around 16dbi

The People:

Tom O'Hern
Tom Marshall
Elizabeth Smith
Myself, Eric Johanson

I have Tom Marshall to blame for all of this. He woke me up at the ungodly hour of 1pm on sunday, and called me on something: "Hey Eric, I thought you'd been holding off for a nice day to put an antenna on your roof". I finally opened my eyes, and found that gleaming into the office, was in fact sunlight.

'OK, but we don't have a ladder', I said sheepishly, hoping that I'd get off the hook. Tom replied: 'Oh, don't worry, Chuck Simmons has one'. As a last ditch effort, I reminded Tom that we don't have any way to transport such a ladder. Enter Tom O'Hern, driving pickup, left stage.

We started around 2:30, working on getting the tripod setup, and trying to understand why the only instructions include with the tripod told us about all of the 'other' types of mounts: Roof mounts, chimney mounts, telescopic masts, towers, etc.

The useless instructions also mentioned the required parameters for mounting:

1. Don't use a metal ladder
2. Don't do the job on a windy day

Thankfully, we had been equipped with Orange safety rope well secured to the roof.

Being that we had all of the required bits, we proceeded to procure a mast (thank you Tom Marshall), and get it all up on the roof.

After much laborious work getting the mast connected to the roof, we got what we felt as a job well done:

Some of us almost made it on the roof, but it's just as well, as lots of other help was needed. It's looking like it will require POE to get the APs up on the roof. Tom O'Hern was 'itching' around in my attic working it out, while Tom Marshall & I explored new and inventive ways to mount antennas.

Well, the end result was: we got the antenna mounted, and did a signal test.

woohoo! 11mb!
Not bad for going through trees & buildings

(You should note that Tom Marshall's place isn't in the picture. We are not LOS of each other)

Next week, we'll get some sealed waterproof containers, and make the trek onto the roof yet again.
We'll be headed up next Saturday, if anyone is interested in helping out.

-Eric Johanson

Update: 3/9/02

We've got it working!

Props going out to:
Tom O'Hern
George Lathrop
Richard Lotz
Tom Marshall, who got a link up while he was on vacation in portland, OR

.....and of course, to my loving wife, to didn't go postal with geeks in the attic

See realtime packet stats.
See the current SNR DB
Is it currently up?
See photos of the POE stuff

Tom & George getting the AP drilled & ready for the install (PRE-OP):

First time we got POE working:

See that tower in the background? No, it's not the space needle; it's my lightning protector:

I got a couple of questions regarding the setup of the 3APs in a box:

Here is the basic plan of attack:

AP1 -> Omni access for clients, channel 1
AP2 -> link to Tom Marshall, channel 6
AP3 -> link to Chuck Simmons, channel 11

Update: 11/23/02 - The big antenna move.

Tom Marshall is moving away. It's a sad day for seattlewireless.

Moved existing yagi to point at Chuck Simmons.
Added new yagi to point at Paul Holman.
Installed Airport Linux on 3rd AP.

Photos here